Waterproof Building

Waterproof Building

Properties and effects:

– Water repellent and moisture resistant – Breathable for working surfaces – Penetration in the surface of materials – Non-flammable, non-toxic and odorless after application – The property of self-cleaning surfaces after rain and washable – Resistant to sunlight (UV rays) – Anti-dust and anti-soot properties of the surface and preventing material color change and long service life – Surface protection against carbonation (alkaline attack) and chlorine ion penetration and acid rain


It is a product based on a combination of silicone and water-soluble acrylic.


Today, the main problem in houses is the infiltration of damp and moisture into the building, which sometimes causes damage and many problems. Penetrated moisture leads to plaster and joinery inside the building and destruction and carving to repair it. One of the most basic and effective and least expensive methods is the use of waterproof material or protective material. Waterproof facade is a waterproofing surface that turns all sections of the surface into a waterproof object and protects the building surfaces from rain and moisture. Waterproof facade is a one-component material based on silane, siloxane and acrylic resins, which is odorless and free of petroleum solvents, and has suitable adhesion for all types of construction surfaces. After application, this product penetrates up to about 3 cm and fills all the surface sleep, and in addition to the relative glossiness and breathability of the surface, it causes the hydrophobicity of the surface, and the above product, depending on the surface to be covered, can be diluted with water up to about 50 It has the weight percentage of the product and can be used on all types of new and old building materials and protects the facade of the building against dandruff and the growth of fungus and mold and all other factors. This product


Physical characteristics and states:




Applicable on concrete, stone, plaster, brick, roof tiles, paving stones, etc. – Protection of the facade of the building – Protection of historical monuments against environmental effects -Applicable on all types of new and old building materials


Amount and method of consumption:

Before application, the surface must be clean and free of any small particles, loose parts, pollution, mold, oil and grease. This product can be applied on different surfaces using spray, roller or brush. If the surface temperature is below 5°C or above 40°C, or there is a possibility of rain or strong wind in the next 8 hours, it should not be applied. After raining or washing, the surface should be left for 72 hours and applied after drying. Amount of consumption: directly depends on the level of porosity of the surface. The consumption amount is usually between 250 and 350 grams to cover one square meter of surface.



The above product can be stored for 12 months under standard storage conditions


Safety items:

This product is not a dangerous substance for people’s health, but it can cause sensitivity if it comes in contact with the skin. Therefore, when working with this product, use the appropriate cover, glasses and mask. Note: If this product is sprayed into the eyes, rinse with clean water for at least 15 minutes. The contact of this substance with the skin can cause sensitivity, so if this product is poured on the body, the contamination should be cleaned with water. Contaminated clothing should be washed immediately with detergent.


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