Water stop

Water stop

Properties and effects: -High resistance against sea water (salt) and chlorine water – Good flexibility at low temperatures – Suitable tensile strength according to concrete structural movements -Designed in different shapes and sizes



Elastic tape for sealing executive and expansion joints in concrete structures



Waterstop tape based on p.v.c with high flexibility (thermoplastic) in different shapes and sizes is used to connect and seal operational and expansion joints in concrete structures. Waterstops are generally divided into two categories: flat waterstops (for use in executive seams), perforated waterstops (for use in expansion joints), which can be wall or floor based, depending on the needs of the project.



Concreting of swimming pools and artificial lakes, dams and water supply tunnels,
drinking water tanks and treatment plants of the industrial city, open canals for
breeding concrete fish in multi-storey parking lots of various factories.

Choice of preparations and substitutes:

Waterstop is selected according to the type of joint and thickness of concreting,
anticipated movement of joints and water pressure. In general, the width of the
selected water stop is smaller or at most equal to the thickness of the concrete
section, and the width of the water stop must be at least 6 times the size of the
largest aggregate used. The surface of the strip should be free of any
contamination so that it can have maximum adhesive connection with the surrounding
concrete. The water stop tape should be placed in the seams using special clamps
and hooks and wires. The tape should be placed right in the middle of the seam
and avoid piercing the waterstop during installation. Avoid covering the holes.
The melting point of p.v.c tape is around 200 degrees centigrade, which can be
welded and connected from both ends by using a suitable blade in the form of an
indirect heating method.


E17, 19, 24, 25, 30 tapes in 25 meter rolls, EF30, OF30, E32 tapes in 20 meter
rolls, 25 meter rings (can be produced up to 100 meters according to the order).


If stored in the original packaging and by pulling a tent (tarpaulin) to protect
from the sun, the stated resistances will remain stable for 6 months.



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