Water repellent for silicone and acrylic based surfaces(GRANASIL 200 )

Water repellent for silicone and acrylic based surfaces(GRANASIL 200 )

Properties and effects:

-No water and moisture passing through the applied surface – Resistant to alkali substances – High execution speed and fast performance only after a few hours of execution – No change in the color and shape of the materials after execution -High resistance to water (UV), sunlight and anti-freeze compounds – Maintaining the beauty of facades due to the lack of water penetration



It is a water repellent and protective coating for concrete surfaces with a solvent base and silane-siloxane chemical bases. By penetrating cement structures, the product prevents the penetration of water and product salts into the structure. The optimal combination of silane-siloxane for water repellency is a very good protection for cement base surfaces. This compound penetrates into the holes and pores of concrete and combines with moisture or water vapor in the structure of the cement structure, by forming polysiloxane and reducing the surface absorption of water to the surface of the cement structure, it gives a hydrophobic property by forming a film of a shiny layer in Creates a surface structure. The quality and performance of this product is evaluated based on ASTM D5095, ASTM D6489, and ASTM E514 standards.


Physical and chemical state:



The above product can be stored for 12 months under standard storage conditions. This product does not contain volatile and dangerous substances and due to its reaction with metals, it should not be stored in aluminum, copper, brass, zinc or galvanized containers.


Properties and effects:

– Ease of implementation – Creating a shiny appearance – Washable – Preventing the infiltration of water and aggressive ions such as chlorides and sulfates -Long duration on the structure – Single component and ready to use -Preventing discoloration and contamination of surfaces – Failure to prevent the release of steam and thus allowing the material to breathe



Reducing the permeability of plaster surfaces – Reduction of dandruff on the surface of building materials -Water repellent protective coating on various building surfaces to prevent water and dissolved substances from entering


Amount and method of consumption:

The desired surface must be dry and free of surface water, and it must be completely processed and any grease oil from the previous coating must be removed from the surface. Stir the product thoroughly before use. Never dilute the solution with water or another solvent. Application can be done with a low pressure gun or a brush, make sure that the entire coated surface is saturated. On vertical surfaces, the product must be sprayed until it does not flow. Coating should start from the lowest point and continue upwards regularly. When used as a saturated protective layer, at least two successive layers are required. The average consumption for complete coverage is about 3 square meters per liter. The applied flat concrete covers an optimal coverage of about 3 to 6 square meters.


Consumption range:

For brick surfaces, each kilogram covers 4 to 6 square meters and for stone surfaces 6 to 8 square meters. Note: The surface should be dry before application, and in case of rain, leave it for at least 48 hours, and if waterjet is used to clean the surface, leave it in a dry environment for 3 days. Remove any contamination from the surface. If there is a crack more than 0.3 mm, the crack should be repaired. It is better to implement 28 days after cementing and concreting. If the temperature of the surface is above 40 degrees or below 5 degrees Celsius, or there is a possibility of rain or strong wind in the next 8 hours, the application should not take place and 72 hours should be given for the surface to dry completely. To check the performance of the product, the surface should be allowed to dry for 1 day.




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