Super lubricant (GB_CR240)

Super lubricant (GB_CR240)



Today, it is not possible to produce concrete with good quality without using chemical additives for concrete, among these additives are concrete softeners, which have different types. GB_CR240 additive is based on carboxylate ether, which makes a lot of qualitative difference in concrete and reduces water reduction power by more than 30%. By reducing the ratio of water to cement materials and then reducing the capillary pores of concrete, it reduces water absorption and permeability of concrete and increases its mechanical strength. This feature increases the durability and useful life of concrete structures. GB_CR240 additive is a concrete superplasticizer based on modified polymers for the construction and implementation of concrete. This super-lubricant is suitable for concrete with a water-cement ratio of less than 40. SL180, with its high spreadability of cement, makes the final concrete uniform in moderate weather. This additive complies with ASTM C494 and ISIRI 2930 and ASTM C1017 standards


Properties and effects:


Increasing the strength and slump of concrete with a certain amount of water to cement (w/c). – Correctly reducing the amount of water to cement (w/c) of concrete by about 20% to 30%. – Ability to increase slump from 4 to 23. – Ability to keep concrete slump for 60 minutes at 25 degrees Celsius. – Reducing the permeability of concrete against water, chlorine ions and sulfates. – No need for vibration.


Physical and chemical state:



packaging method:

The desired product is offered in 20, 200 and 1100 kg gallons




– Concreting in moderate weather. – Concreting in narrow and reinforced sections. – Construction of high density concretes. – Making powerful and strong concretes. – Ease of pumping




When we want to make concrete, we add the calculated amount of additive to the concrete along with mixing water and continue mixing for 3 to 5 minutes. It can be added to ready-made concrete and then concreting.Do not add the above additive directly to dry cement.It should be reduced by the amount of additive used in concrete water.


Scope of use:

The consumption range of this product is between 0.1% and 0.3% per kilogram of cement materials, including Portland cement (PC), fly ash (PFA), slag cement (GGBFS) and microsilica. It is not possible to use the above product outside the range, and using it above the range will delay the concrete and will not lead to higher efficiency. Therefore, each additive should be used separately and should not be mixed together



The above product can be stored for one year under standard storage conditions.This product is not dangerous, but when using gloves, glasses and mask should be used to prevent allergic reactions. If the additive is splashed in the eyes, we should wash the eyes with clean water for 15 minutes. If the clothes are contaminated, they must be washed with detergent


Note: consumption less and more than the permitted range of this additive or the simultaneous consumption of multiple concrete additives must be done with the permission of the experts of the technical department of Granabtan Chemical Industries Company.




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