super lubricant (GB_CA260)

super lubricant (GB_CA260)


Super lubricant and strong water reducer for concrete with early setting mode


One of the most powerful concrete additives is concrete plasticizers with water reduction power of more than 30%. This product is offered to projects under the title of super lubricant and strong water reducer (super lubricant). By reducing the ratio of water to cement materials and then reducing the capillary pores of concrete, it reduces water absorption and permeability of concrete and increases its mechanical strength, which brings the life and durability of concrete structures. Additive C.A180 is a super-lubricant of concrete based on polycarboxylate ether with quick-setting properties of concrete for the construction and execution of concrete in the cold. This super lubricant is suitable for concrete with a water-cement ratio of less than 40. This additive complies with ASTM C494, ISIRI2930 and ASTM C1017 standards

packaging method:

The product in question is presented in 20, 200 and 1100 kg gallons


Physical and chemical state:



Properties and effects:


Increasing the strength and slump of concrete with a certain amount of water to cement (w/c). – Correctly reducing the amount of water to cement (w/c) of concrete by 20 to 30 percent. – Ability to increase slump from 2 to 23. – The ability to maintain concrete slump for 30 to 60 minutes at 25 degrees Celsius. – Reducing the permeability of concrete against water, chlorine ions and sulfates. – No need for vibration.



The above product can be stored for one year under standard storage conditions.


Consumption range:


The consumption range of this product is between 0.1% and 0.3% per kilogram of cement materials, including Portland cement (PC), fly ash (PFA), slag cement (GGBFS) and microsilica. It is not possible to use the above product outside the range. And using higher than the range causes the concrete to harden and does not lead to higher efficiency.


Safety items:


This product is not dangerous, but when using gloves, glasses and mask should be used to prevent allergic reactions. If the additive is splashed in the eye, we should wash the eye with clean water for 15 minutes. If the clothes are contaminated, they must be washed with detergent.






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