Special surface restorer(GB_W105)

Special surface restorer(GB_W105)

Properties and effects:

Strength and adhesion – non-shrinkage – high durability – waterproof and low permeability




In the repair operation of concrete structures, the goal is usually to eliminate surface defects, prepare the surface, as well as things related to the appearance of the work, and features such as adhesion, appearance, durability, and being impervious to water are preferable to mechanical resistance. Epoxy-based repair repair is not recommended due to the difference in the coefficient of thermal expansion and the occurrence of cracks and separation. Cement restorers are a suitable option to meet this need, which provide the requirements of impermeability and adhesion in the structure. G.B_W105 is a single-component powder product containing sealing polymers based on Portland cement, which has high strength and sealing and is a non-shrinking product. The above product can be used to repair worn and worm-eaten concrete and cement surfaces.



-Repairing worm-eaten and destroyed concrete surfaces in concrete structures and filling the voids of the concrete surface – For general purposes and inside and outside the building, including the foundation of the floor and walls before installing all kinds of decorative and painting materials, preparing the surfaces after the sealing and flooring operations. -Filling the hole between the bolts as well as stretching in water tanks and structures


Physical and chemical state:


Safety items:

This product is not one of the dangerous substances, but it can cause sensitivity on the skin and it has alkaline properties. It is better to use glasses and gloves during application.



The above product can be stored for 12 months under standard storage conditions The best temperature for storage is 10 to 20 degrees Celsius


packaging method:


Available in 25 kg bags


Scope of use:


First, pour 4.5 to 5.5 liters of water into the tank for each 25 kg bag and add the powder to the water while mixing. The desired surface should be scratched at least 2 to 3 cm with a suitable tool and then cleaned of any pollution and dust using water pressure. Be sure to wet the work surface. Apply the prepared mortar with a spatula or trowel on wet surfaces. For cases where the repair depth is more than 3 cm, mix the required amount of sand with this product according to the depth of the concrete surface that is being repaired. The size of the sand is between 3 and 10 mm depending on the work surface and it should be completely washed and clean. Note: Use the prepared mixture in less than 20 minutes. Make sure that the powder is added to the water so that the mixture is homogeneous and uniform. processing:

After finishing troweling, the repaired surface will be fixed for 3-4 hours. After half-drying of the applied mortar, keep all surfaces moist for at least 72 hours. (water spraying)





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