Spacer in the word means a transition distance that generally provides the space between the rebar and the formwork and as it is said that for every two mm reduction in the thickness of the concrete on the rebar, the life of the structure is reduced by 5 years and its durability and reliability are reduced.



Spacers are the most important tools to achieve the required coverage of concrete, among the common and preventable weaknesses in reinforced concrete structures, we can mention the influence of surrounding destructive factors and elements such as oxygen and environmental moisture, which penetrate into the concrete and Getting to the rebars accelerates the corrosion of the rebars and shortens their useful life, that is, the concrete coating on the rebars can be the main factor in preventing breakage. What is expected from a space maker is that the rebar grids match. It performs the task of maintenance during concreting well.


 Vertical spacers:

5cm wall spacers

his type of spacer is one of the most widely used wall spacers, which is used inall types of concreting, including precast concrete, which has the ability to beused with different rebars due to its clamp opening.

7 cm wall spacers

It is another wall spacer that is used in concrete or grid piling.

3 cm floor spacer

This spacer can be used in light and fast work.

Properties and effects:


High load bearing capacity Complies with BS 7973 standard




Can be used in columns, piling, sliding formwork, bridge foundations, marine structures


4 cm floor spacer


Properties and benefits:

High strength According to BS 7973 standard



Suitable for all types of medium and heavy structures


5 cm and 7 cm floor spacers

It is one of the most widely used spacers that are used in heavy foundations and bulky reinforcements


Properties and benefits:


Ability to bear up to 300 kg point load According to the standard N 7973 BS Can be used in all types of stone foundations




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