Powder ceramic glue: Granasil_c s

Powder ceramic glue: Granasil_c s



In the past, different models of mortars were used for gluing ceramic tiles, which had many disadvantages. Today, along with the advancement of technology and the provision of new products in construction, new products have been offered in the installation of ceramic tiles. Nowadays, ceramic glue, which is in two forms, paste and powder, is used for gluing ceramic tiles. One of the most widely used types of construction adhesives is the cement-based powder tile adhesive, which is formulated and produced from cement, thickening materials, double adhesive materials with high elastic properties and polymer resins to increase and strengthen the adhesive strength. Considering the polymers Used in the production of concrete, the product will be resistant to moisture after drying. One of the most important advantages of powder tile adhesive, due to the presence of polymer resins and cement in its structure, is its higher adhesion strength than paste tile adhesive, which is the best option for installing ceramic tiles on vertical surfaces. This product complies with ISIRI12492 and BS EN12004 standards.


Properties and effects:

High adhesion strength and resistance – Slip resistant – No loss of volume and cracking – Moisture resistant (recommended to be used with concrete glue). – High flexibility and suitable for environments with high temperature changes – High resistance to water and immersion in water – It does not take much time, and if necessary, the parts can be moved within a few minutes after installation.


Physical and chemical state:




Installation of tiles, ceramics and absorbent stone on concrete, natural and artificial stones in factories, laboratories and residential buildings Installing tiles on tiles and installing tiles in water retaining


packaging method:

The above product is available in 20 kg bags.


Safety items:

This glue has alkaline property, so it is recommended to use glasses, suitable gloves and full cover to work with it.


Scope and method of use:

The amount of consumption is about 2 to 4 kg to cover one square meter, depending on the condition of the work surface and the tile grooves. Surface preparation: The entire desired surface should be completely cleaned of dust, oil, grease and other contaminants. Mixing plan: mix every 20 kg of powder with 5.4 to 5.5 liters (kg) of water and continue mixing until a uniform and homogeneous paste is reached and wait 15 minutes until the adhesive properties appear and then use. The prepared glue can be used for up to one hour. Then apply the prepared adhesive paste on the desired surface with a grooved spatula and place the tile or ceramic on it. It should be noted that after applying the glue, it remains on the surface for up to 20 minutes and then it loses its adhesiveness. At the time of installation, the temperature of the work surface should be at least 5 and at most 40 degrees Celsius. After finishing the work, seal the tiled surface after 24 hours. Note: In winter, when the temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius, the environment should be heated, and it is better for the environment temperature to be 20 degrees Celsius. At least 60% of the tile or ceramic should be covered with adhesive paste. When installing tiles or ceramics on old tiles, the surface of old tiles should be polished with the tip of an ax hammer, and then the ceramic should be glued. Be sure to add the powder to the water to obtain a homogeneous structure


Technical services:

The technical department of Grana Beton Chemical Company is ready to cooperate and provide services in order to answer questions and also in order to use its materials correctly.



It is recommended to be stored in a dry and covered place and it can be stored for one year



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