Polypropylene fibers(GB_P.P)

Polypropylene fibers(GB_P.P)

Properties and effects:


Reduction of cracks caused by plastic shrinkage Reducing separation and shedding Increasing the impact resistance of concrete and increasing the life of concrete structures Increasing the strength of the concrete surface and increasing wear resistance (reducing erosion) Increased resistance to thawing and freezing cycles Increasing the resistance of concrete against fire Resistance to acidic and alkaline conditions Increasing the adhesion of concrete to rebars Uniform distribution in the concrete mixture and no rust





Polypropylene fibers are produced as an additive to control shrinkage and cracking and increase the tensile strength of concrete, as well as reinforcing cement and plaster additives and improving the properties of concrete. This product complies with ASTM C1116 standards.



 Physical and chemical state:




Polypropylene fibers increase the cohesion of the mixture, which leads to a decrease in slump efficiency. In some cases, such as a ramp, it is suitable. In other applications, lubricant additives should be used to improve the efficiency and maintain the properties of concrete in the hardened state and not reduce the durability.



Precast concrete parts and tables

Flooring of sidewalks, streets, floors of warehouses and industrial sheds

Foundation wall of underground structures

Concrete silos

Composite roofs

Roads and bridge decks

Prefabricated pipes for water and sewage transmission

Water retaining structures and concreting of coastal structures

Concrete facades

Concretes containing microsilica

repairing stains and applying thin blades (repair mortars)


Consumption range:


600 to 900 grams per cubic meter of concrete





The above product can be stored for 5 years under standard storage conditions



Safety items:

This product is not part of the dangerous category, but it can cause sensitivity on the skin, suitable gloves and glasses should be used to work with it



Types of polypropylene fibers :


12 mm length for concrete mixes 6 mm length for cement and plaster mortars Length 18 mm for concrete


Note: consumption less and more than the permitted range of this additive or the simultaneous consumption of multiple concrete additives must be done with the permission of the experts of the technical department of Granabtan Chemical Industries Company.


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