Neutral lubricant( GB_CN12)

Neutral lubricant( GB_CN12)

Physical and chemical state:


Physical state: dark brown liquid Volumetric mass: 1.07 gr/cm3 at 20 degrees Celsius Amount of chlorine: within the standard limit Increase in air percentage: less than 2% in the range of normal consumption The amount of alkaline substances: less than 5 grams equivalent to Na2O per liter of additive Freezing temperature: about -3 degrees Celsius



Neutral concrete lubricant and water reducer


In the definition of concrete admixtures, water-reducing agent-fluidizer refers to an additive that significantly reduces the amount of water in the mixture without changing the fluidity or increases the slump or flow significantly without changing the amount of water. This lubricant and water reducer is based on calcium lignosulfonate and polynaphthalene sulfonate with normal setting properties, which is suitable for concretes with water-cement ratio above 0.45 and moderate temperature. CN12 makes the final concrete uniform due to its high dispersion of cement. This additive complies with ASTM C494 and ISIRI2930 and ASTM C1017 standards.




packaging method:

The desired product is offered in 20, 200 and 1100 kg gallons




When we want to make concrete, we add the calculated amount of additive to the concrete along with water and continue mixing for 3 to 5 minutes




– Types of concreting at normal temperature – Prefabricated parts – Production of high quality mortars – Pouring concrete with a pump and making concrete whose stone materials have a high percentage of water absorption – Increasing the amount of adhesion of materials in concretes that do not have proper granularity. -Reducing the amount of water loss and separation of aggregates -Concreting beams and columns and shear walls




The above product can be stored for one year in its standard storage conditions.



Scope of use:


The optimal amount of this product is determined by trial and error and by workshop testing. The consumption range of this product is between 8% and 15% per kilogram of cement materials. Excessive consumption of cement causes concrete to set, which is more severe for anti-sulfate cements and type 2 cements.


Maintenance items:

This product is not dangerous. But when using it, be sure to use gloves, glasses and a suitable mask to prevent allergic reactions. Note: Using more or less than the permitted range of this additive or using several concrete additives at the same time must be done with the permission of the experts of the technical department of Grana Concrete Chemical Industries.






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