Mold separator (organic base) G.B_Oil G2

Mold separator (organic base) G.B_Oil G2


Store this product in a covered environment away from sunlight and high temperature. Its shelf life will be one year if it is not opened in containers. Not paying attention to the proper storage method will damage the product or its container.




The use of concrete mold oil is recommended for making concrete with a beautiful and durable final surface, mold oil should lead to the ease of removing the molds from the concrete, ease of cleaning, and prevent them from rusting and damage to the molds. do not In general, the use of burnt oil or low-quality oils as oil The mold leads to staining of the final surface of concrete and loss of quality of the final surface and reduction Concrete will last. Mold oil products based on two types of water base (emulsion) and solvent base is designed, base mold oil Solvent (organic and petroleum) with the lowest amount of volatility even with The presence of heat sources remain on the surface of the molds And it does not react chemically with concrete. This composition is anticorrosive and leads to Durability of molds and prevention of rust Not having them will be non-existence Water in its structure causes It will be in winter to resist freezing. Therefore Its maintenance conditions in construction projects or factories producing concrete parts is easy. In water structures, preventing the penetration and performance of waterproofing materials It does not work in concrete and has an effect on the adhesion of colors They don’t have coatings and adhesives and facade materials and surface bubbles Reduces zinc in concrete.


Physical and chemical state:


Consumption range:

Basic expenses Each 1 liter of the above product covers 10 to 25 square meters of mold. The above product is formulated to be used on wood, plywood, steel and compressed plastic surfaces, which must be sprayed before concreting so that the mold can be easily returned. Function It reacts with cement and separates the concrete from the mold surface. As a result, the surface of the concrete that is in contact with a layer of the mold will be uniformly soft and smooth after opening the mold. It does not have a negative effect on the properties of the concrete, and if it is used in the recommended amounts, it will cause the concrete to not stick to the surface of the mold.



Method of Use:


Before pouring the first concrete and immediately after opening and cleaning the mold for each concreting, use garden style sprayers, try to adjust the grade so that a very thin layer is sprayed. Avoid consuming too much of it. Using a brush is also suitable, but it should be noted that only a thin coating remains on the surface and excess oils are removed. If all the oils are absorbed by the new wooden surfaces in the first execution, it is necessary to repeat the oil sprinkling once more so that the mold surfaces are greasy before concreting.



packaging method:


This product is available in 20-liter gallons and 200-liter barrels.


Safety items:

There is no problem in the gun or sprayer, but in some devices, the residue may cause the washers of the device to slip and rot. Note: Do not add water to it. If you add petroleum solvent to it, be sure to contact Grana concrete technical experts before mixing



Note: consumption less and more than the permitted range of this additive or the simultaneous consumption of multiple concrete additives must be done with the permission of the experts of the technical department of Granabtan Chemical Industries Company.






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