mold separator (emulsion base)GB_OILG2

mold separator (emulsion base)GB_OILG2

Consumption range:


For wooden molds: one liter to cover 10 to 15 square meters For metal molds: one liter to cover 20 to 25 square meters




It is recommended to use concrete form oil to make concrete with a durable final surface. In terms of performance, mold oil should lead to the ease of separating the molds from the concrete, ease of cleaning, and preventing them from rusting so as not to damage the molds. In general, the use of burnt oil or low-quality oils as mold oil will lead to staining of the final surface of the concrete and a decrease in the quality of the final surface and a decrease in the durability of the concrete. Grana concrete mold oil products are designed on two types of water-based (emulsion) and solvent-based. Water-based emulsion mold oil is more compatible with the environment, it has been designed and developed to increase the life of the molds, the beauty of the concrete surface, the ease of separating the mold from the concrete, and cost-effectiveness. It can be used and also has the ability to be diluted in water, which has a high emulsion stability.


Physical and chemical state:



The mold release agent contains oil, chemically active substances and can be mixed with water.





Has a minimum amount of volatile organic matter Easy mold separation without the need to apply mechanical force – It reacts with cement and separates the concrete from the surface of the mold, and as a result, the concrete surface that is in contact with a layer of the mold will be uniform, smooth and soft after opening the mold. – It does not have a negative effect on the properties of concrete, and if it is used in the recommended amounts, it does not cause the internal adhesion of concrete. – Green material, environmentally friendly and without toxic and harmful substances – No color change on concrete surfaces -Minimum reduction of air bubbles on the concrete surface




Clean the desired surface completely and then dry it. Gardening style sprayers are suitable devices for spraying to create a uniform thin coating by spraying fine particles. Avoid spraying an excess amount. You can also create a thin coating on the surface with a brush or a gun and remove the excess. If all the oil is absorbed by the wood or board after applying the first layer, it is necessary to repeat the sprinkling of mold oil.




Store this product in a covered environment away from sunlight and high temperature. Its useful life will be one year if it is not opened in containers. Not paying attention to the proper storage method will damage the product or its container. The best temperature for storage is between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius, and at higher temperatures it may undergo phase changes that require mixing during execution.


packaging method:

It is available in 20 and 200 liter containers and can be delivered in large tankers if needed.


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