Matte penetration protector (GRANASIL 100)

Matte penetration protector (GRANASIL 100)


Water repellent silicone based surfaces


In fact, the facade surface sealant is absorbent, which is produced as a liquid soluble in water or as a solvent with high absorption properties in building materials in depth without forming a film and changing color for sealing stone, cement, clay and plaster surfaces. . GRANASIL 100 is based on silicone, which does not have solubility or water repellency after use, and it makes it resistant to dust by eliminating the surface properties of the desired application area in addition to sealing.


 Physical and chemical state:



Properties and effects:

– No water and moisture passing through the applied surface while the work surface has the ability to breathe – Resistant to alkali substances – High execution speed and fast performance after only a few hours of execution – No change in the color and shape of the materials after execution -High resistance to water (UV), sunlight and anti-freeze compounds – Maintaining the beauty of facades due to the



The method of applying this product is by spray, roller or brush. The execution continues until the surface is saturated and the material falls off the surface, usually 2 executions are necessary for most surfaces, which is (wet on wet) immediately after the surface loses its wetness, the next layer is executed. . Cover all non-absorbent surfaces and windows before implementation. To check the performance of the product, the surface should be allowed to dry for 1-3 days. Depending on the environment, usually one kilogram of liquid is required for 4 to 8 square meters for porous surfaces and 2 to 5 square meters for surfaces with low water absorption.



– The above product can be stored for 12 months under standard storage conditions



– Impenetrability of concrete and stone surfaces, clay and paving stones, sponge concrete, brick and wood – Protection of historical monuments against environmental effects – Protection of the facade of the building, facades of clay straw, old stone bricks (archaic monuments) – Protection of marble, granite, tile banding, firebricks, broken facades and mosaic pieces in the facade of the building – Can be used as a primer (putty) for raw wood before painting


Attention, if the temperature of the surface is above 40 degrees or below 5 degrees Celsius, or there is a possibility of rain or strong wind in the next 8 hours, the application should not take place and 72 hours should be given for the surface to dry completely. To check the performance of the product, the surface should be allowed to dry for 1 to 3 days.


packaging method:

This product is available in 20, 4, 1 and 0.5 kg gallons


Glossy penetration protector:




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