Groot G.B_G.05

Groot G.B_G.05

Properties and effects:


– Ease of mixing with water and achieving optimal flow – The possibility of creating controlled expansions – No cracking after hardening – Stable against static loads – High initial resistance and early loading capability and quick operation of the structure Consumption amount and



Expansive cement base grout or very high resistance




Description: Grouts are actually ready-made mortars that are designed to respond to specific applications, functions and needs. The advantages of grout to mortar are that these materials: 1. are consistent and flow normally. 2- It does not suffer from separation of water and aggregate and does not settle. 3- It does not shrink. 4-It has the ability to hold water in concrete and cement mortar and does not have the problem of sanding. It reaches the desired resistance in the minimum time. There are different types of grouts, including epoxy grout, expanding grout, cement grout modified with polymer materials, which are designed according to the application and needs of users. GB_G05 is a ready-made mortar including: cement, aggregate, concrete softening materials and expansion materials to eliminate shrinkage and is used to fill pores and seams from 1 to 10 cm thick. The limit that compensates for shrinkage has very high strength in all ages. This additive complies with ASTM C1017, C827, C940 standards.




It should be stored in the warehouse and in the original packaging for 12 months, and if the grout product bag is opened, it should be used immediately



packaging method:

This product is offered in 25 kg bags


Physical and chemical state:




– This product is used to fill the bottom of the columns (base plate). – It is used for all kinds of anchoring systems. – To fill the space between the foundation and industrial machinery. – It is possible to fill holes, cracks and pits. -Steel substructures and stabilization of prefabricated columns


implementation method:


We clean the desired surface from pollution. If the desired surface is loose, we have to scrape under it until we reach a solid surface. – All column surfaces and other materials must be cleaned of any stains, especially grease, and any contamination may lead to discontinuity and damage to the final quality of the grouting operation. – For grouting, the surface of the columns must be level and the flatness and levelness of the base plates must be controlled to create additional empty space. – Molding around the grout should be done in such a way that it does not have any settlement. Before applying the grout and the concrete below, it must be at least 7 days old. The concrete surfaces in contact with the grout must be healthy, smooth and flawless. – To prevent the grout from cracking, the foundation must be completely saturated with potable water before starting the concrete grouting operation. In addition, the molds should be completely impermeable and without water absorption. The molds should be placed 25 to 50 mm above the surface of the base plate. – If necessary, the corners of the mold should be brought to favorable conditions by using suitable parts so that the grout flows easily in the right place. Grout should be poured from one side and flow to other parts. When the grouting position is wide, it is better to divide the sections into smaller parts using temporary molds. These templates allow the grout to advance properly in the section. – By providing empty space under the back plates, the remaining excess air can be removed. The best temperature for grouting is 5 to 30 degrees, high temperature makes the setting time faster and low temperature delays the initial setting time. Safety items: This product has anti-inflammatory properties and should be used with a desk and glasses while working. In case of eye contact, wash with water within 15 minutes





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