Groot full of resistance( GB_G_P07S)

Groot full of resistance( GB_G_P07S)

Properties and effects:

– Absence of any contraction, before initial clamping – High strength at all ages – High density, low permeability and high durability – Low ratio of water to cement materials – Ease of mixing with water and achieving optimal flow – Ability to pump even at low temperatures





Physical and chemical state:




It can be stored for 12 months under standard storage conditions. If the bag of grout is opened, it should be consumed quickly.


Safety items:


HP grout has alkaline properties, so it is recommended to use glasses, suitable gloves and full cover to work with it. If this product gets into the eyes, wash it with clean water for at least 15 minutes and consult a doctor




Filling the sub-page of the columns for all kinds of anchoring systems and restraints -Filling the space between the foundation and the installation plates of industrial machines and their installation -Steel substructures and stabilization of prefabricated columns -Possibility of filling holes, cracks and pits – Structures and furnaces of metal smelting industries – Can be used in all kinds of chemical and oil industries and refineries – For fixing crane rails, bridge bases, production units of prefabricated concrete parts



packaging method:


The above product is available in 25 kg bags




Surfaces, seams and holes that we intend to grout must be cleaned of any pollution and dust. These surfaces, even if they are loose and weak, should be scraped to reach the solid part. At least 2 hours before grouting, the desired surfaces should be completely submerged and the pores should be drained from the water a little before grouting. Empty the holes of the plate completely using an air pump. Column plates and other metal materials should be completely cleaned of grease and oil stains. Regarding the grouting under the plates, aligning the column plate using the appropriate parts for this work, under the name of SIME, which is supplied by Grana Beton Company, should be done carefully. Molding around the grout should be done in such a way that there is no leakage from it. The use of sealing strips and mastic is recommended in this regard. In a suitable mixer, we calculate and pour the right amount of water based on the volume of the required grout, the appropriate amount of water is 10 to 12% of the weight of the grout depending on the fluidity of the grout. The grout powder is gradually added to the mixer at the same time as mixing. And finally, mixing is complete within 5 minutes. Mixing is done in the minimum time when the mortar is completely homogeneous and uniform.


Grouting operation:

The best temperature for grouting is 5 to 30 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is high, the setting time will be faster, and if the temperature is lower, the initial setting time will be delayed. This time should be reduced for higher temperature, this mixture is for seams up to 10 cm and for thicker seams, you can also use dry and clean washed sand with a grain size of up to 10 mm, which can be mixed with 1:1 The above grout was mixed. This is done in order to reduce the heat of hydration of cement in high thicknesses. The properties of this grout will be different from the original product depending on the amount of sand used. The continuous flow of grouting is very important and therefore the amount of grout prepared should be proportional to the volume of grouting. Grouting should preferably be done from one side of the seam so that no air is trapped inside the seam. For spaces where the volume of grouting is high, grout must be pumped. The poured grout must be kept moist for 7 days and protected from direct sunlight, which can be done by spraying water and using a wet sack.




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