Gransil N.P

Gransil N.P

Properties and effects:

– Not preventing concrete from breathing Excellent adhesion to concrete – Easy to implement and affordable -Applicable on wet surfaces – Resistance to freezing and temperature changes – Curing and hardening in contact with water and moisture – Prevention of reinforcement corrosion, cracking and damage caused by atmospheric factors




Single-component powder is an inorganic and cement-based compound that forms insoluble crystals inside capillary tubes and microcracks, causing them to be permanently blocked and preventing water leakage. The single-component sealing powder with its unique mechanism seals old and new concrete structures from deep, so that even if the surface of the coating is damaged, no damage will be done to the sealing of the structure. The effect of single-component sealing powder is that after application, it reacts with moisture and lime in the concrete, forming insoluble crystals, which, as a result of their growth inside the pores of the concrete, creates a unified structure and all the pores of the concrete. You seal to the depth. Single-component sealing powder has the ability to seal and withstand positive and negative pressure, so it can be used on internal and external surfaces. Applying single-component waterproofing powder on surfaces that are in direct contact with water gives better results because it increases the rate of formation and development of crystals


Physical and chemical state:

Physical state



– Removing dampness of concrete surfaces, parking lots and retaining walls – Elevator pit and water reservoir – Sealing of underground structures from inside and outside and underground passages and tunnels – Sealing between the wall and the foundation floor


Instructions for use:


Inside the concrete: 4 to 5 kg of sealing powder should be used for every 100 kg of cement material. Mix the resulting additive with sand, sand and cement and then add water to the concrete. Less than normal consumption of the product reduces efficiency and more than normal consumption reduces concrete setting. Be sure to let the mixing process continue to seal, as this is a lightweight, water-repellent additive. As a seal on work surfaces: Dosage: Mix each bag with 4 to 5 kg of water. In these structures, the economic solution is to apply the product on horizontal joints as a slurry on vertical surfaces. All surfaces on which this coating is to be applied must be free of oil, loose concrete sap or any other substance Adhesion has an effect. Normally, concrete surfaces can be cleaned using a high pressure water jet. Crushed concrete and cracks with a depth of 10 mm should be repaired with a repairer. If we are facing a water leak, we should first try to prevent the water leak by using an instant stop.



Apply the first coat so that the thickness of the wet layer is at least 1 kg per square meter. If the dough is hard, moisten the work surface again. Allow the first layer to act for at least 1 hour at 20°C. Do not use this product at a temperature lower than



It can be stored for one year under standard storage conditions.


packaging method:

The above product is available in 10 kg bags


Safety items:

Wear gloves and glasses while working


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