Properties and benefits:

– Extremely high strength, resistance and adhesion – Easy to use and fast execution – Increasing the interior space of the building – Increasing the waterproofing coefficient of tiling mortar



Today, the use of traditional mortars for installing tiles is obsolete and special adhesives are used for installing ceramic tiles on the floor and walls. One of the most commonly used adhesives is paste (polymeric) tile adhesive. In addition to quick installation and weight reduction of construction materials, the use of this product also increases the interior space of the building. GRANASIL_W.S polymer tile adhesive is formulated and produced from emulsion resin and mineral fillers and special dispersing and concentrating materials. The emulsion resin in the polymer tile adhesive formulation increases the adhesion of the tile to the surface and makes the tiling mortar waterproof. This category in the tiling of toilets, bathrooms and kitchens can prevent water from penetrating to the lower floors. The presence of dispersing and concentrating materials in the adhesive formulation increases the gelling time and gives the tiler more space to install the tile.




Physical and chemical state:



Installation of ceramic tiles on the wall and floor – The ability to stick natural stones on horizontal and vertical surfaces -Suitable for installing tiles in toilets and bathrooms



It depends on the state of the work and the porosity and unevenness and grooves of the tile, but usually every 2.5 kg of tile adhesive is enough for one square meter.



Instructions: If the surface is contaminated and dusty, use water pressure (waterjet) or sand blast to remove the contamination. How to use sealing polymer tile adhesive for underlaying wallpaper: first remove the wallpaper, then use a little primer (putty) to build the base. Then, with a spatula, spread the polymer tile adhesive on the wall with a maximum area of one square meter and a thickness of 3 to 4 mm, and install the tile on the surface coated with paste tile adhesive within 5 to 10 minutes. How to use sealing polymer tile adhesive for plaster work: Before installing the surface tile on the plaster, coat it with a primer (the primer can be a dilute solution of concrete glue) and then tile work. How to use paste tile adhesive for cement or concrete underlayment: First apply a layer of primer on the surface and then spread the paste tile adhesive on the surface with a spatula and stick the tile. How to use waterproof polymer tile adhesive for tile work: remove any grease from the surface of the tile and completely remove the tile glaze by stone grinding, then apply a layer of acrylic primer on the surface and then apply paste tile adhesive on the surface. Run and paste the tile. Note: The tile installed by paste tile adhesive reaches its final strength after 48 hours. After reaching the final strength, the strapping operation can be started. The desired surface can be used 2 days after tightening. In order to install tiles with paste tile adhesive, at least 60% of the back of the tile should be coated with glue


Note: consumption less and more than the permitted range of this additive or the simultaneous consumption of multiple concrete additives must be done with the permission of the experts of the technical department of Granabtan Chemical Industries Company



It is supplied in 15 and 25 kg containers.



It can be stored for 6 months in the original packaging away from cold and frost, heat and direct sunlight. The best storage temperature is: 10 to 30 degrees.


Health and safety:

: This product is not one of the toxic and dangerous substances for the environment. The use of glasses and gloves is mandatory



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