Properties and effects:

Ability to perform on different types of surfaces such as concrete, stone, metal, asphalt and isogam, as well as excellent adhesion, easy and cost-effective execution. – High flexibility and elasticity properties – Resistant to water and humidity – Resistant to ultraviolet rays and different weather conditions – Preventing the growth of microorganisms, fungi and mold – Hygienic and without environmental pollution – Preventing energy waste – Ease of repair of damaged points – The possibility of adding pigment to produce color insulation



White roof insulation


Strong insulation coating, a powerful and unique product based on acrylic resins


Physical and chemical state:



– The best alternative to Izogam for roof insulation – Can be performed on isogamated surfaces for local repair -Suitable for running on asphalted roofs that have leaks. – Suitable substitute for Izogam to insulate bathrooms, toilets, etc. – Ability to be used as concrete protective insulation, against the penetration of destructive soil ions to the concrete surface -Insulation and isolation of gardens and flower boxes inside the building -Suitable for painting and insulating the facade of the building – Ability to insulate all types of inclined and vertical surfaces – The ability to seal and insulate all kinds of water structures – Ability to perform on metal surfaces and roofs with excellent adhesion


Mix and run:

First, any kind of dirt, grease, oil or flakes and loose spots should be removed from the surface and washed well with water. Joints, cracks and fractures should be filled with suitable repair mortar, preferably large cracks with pure white insulation or a combination of white cement and small cracks with pure white insulation and

mortar. In order to ensure the quality and beauty of the work, it is better to prepare all the old insulation, paint, dents and bumps created on a smooth and even surface for insulation. – Pay attention, if you repair the surface with cement mortars before insulating, be sure to add water to the mortar and give it time to reach its final strength and then start insulating. – Wash the surfaces with water pressure before use to clean them.


Correct way of consumption:

Dilute the first layer of the product with 50% water and apply it on the surface using a sprayer, roller, spatula or brush and let it dry. After about 3 hours, it is necessary to mix the product with 10% water for the second layer. and perform the second hand and finally perform the third hand without dilution.



According to the subsurface, the consumption of this product will be between 600 and 1000 kilograms per square meter.




The above product can be stored for one year under standard storage conditions


Safety items:


– This material is non-toxic and completely safe, and you can easily wash the work tool with water after use.


packaging method:

Available in 5 and 12 kg buckets.


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