Properties and effects:

High resistance to all free corrosive elements such as oxygen and chlorine Non-toxic and can be used in drinking water structures Very high adhesion to concrete The ability to seal concrete up to 100% Resistant to the stresses caused by the expansion and contraction of concrete Non-dissolving in water and other substances after completing the reactions Protection of concrete and reinforcement against corrosion Failure to prevent concrete from breathing Resistance in acidic and alkaline environments


Powder sealing penetrant


Colored powder for sealing concrete surfaces with the ability to withstand negative and positive load



Today, there are various methods for waterproofing concrete to prevent leakage and penetration of water in the concrete structure. Among all known methods in the field of sealing, the use of powder sealing penetrant with crystallization capability plays a more effective role. This material is the most advanced type of waterproofing material with a very high penetrating power into the cracks and defects of concrete, which is used for sealing and protecting concrete against the penetration of water and chemicals. It is cement and chemical and mineral materials that are applied on the surface of the final concrete and by penetrating into the pores of the concrete, it reacts with the released lime of the concrete and creates water-resistant crystals. GRANASIL 1000 powder penetrant is completely applied on the surface of the concrete structure from each of its sides (internal and external) regardless of water pressure, and the particle resists positive and negative hydraulic pressures of water. Breathability of concrete is very important for sealing a concrete structure. GRANASIL 1000 prevents the cracking and cracking of the product by allowing the concrete to breathe in addition to maintaining the quality stability of the product.


Physical and chemical state:




The amount of penetrant consumption is between 1 and 1.2% per square meter Note: Avoid loading, operating or any other use of the structures during the completion of the reactions.



For drinking water tanks Special for tanks that are exposed to the attack of dilute acids and alkalis. Special for sealing tanks and sources that are in the vicinity of petroleum and oily materials. Can be used in reservoirs and sources that are in the vicinity of corrosive and destructive substances such as salts in the soil. Protection and sealing of the following structures: Dams and power plants, tunnels, wharves and water transmission lines and water and sewage treatment plants, drinking water tanks, septic tanks and underground structures and foundations, manholes and pits, elevator pits and pools, aquariums and pools. fish farming


packaging method:

The above product is presented in 25 kg packaging



Concrete surfaces must be completely clean and free of any loose particles, paint and other coatings before implementation. The entire surface should be moistened with fresh water before application. The cracked and cracked areas should be repaired and restored with a special repair agent that has a penetrating agent. Mix the penetrating material with 8 kg of water and apply it on the desired surfaces with a brush. Always mix the amount of penetrating powder with water that will be used in less than 30 minutes. After 3 hours of application time, chemical reactions will start and will be completed after 7 days. After application, the desired surface should be kept moist for at least 3 and maximum 7 days to complete the crystal reaction and penetration into the concrete. The minimum temperature at the time of execution is 5 degrees Celsius.



The above product can be stored for one year under standard storage conditions and the best temperature for storage is 10-30 degrees Celsius.



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