Epoxy grout GB_G.E06

Epoxy grout GB_G.E06

Properties and effects:



– No shrinkage – It has high mental properties and self-alignment to obtain high initial and final mechanical resistances – High adhesion to concrete, steel and other building materials. – Excellent stability against petroleum substances, sea water, oil, ammonia, etc.




This three-component epoxy based grout is based on epoxy resins along with mineral materials with fine grain size up to 3 mm, which is used for grouting in a wide range of construction works that need to withstand high static and dynamic loads. This product has high fluidity and long-term flow retention, without shrinkage and obtaining very high compressive and bending resistanceThis grout meets ASTM C579, ASTMD2566, ASTM C638, ASTM C580, and ASTM C531 standards.It can be evaluated.




Installation of rebar and bolt in concrete Rail fixation under cranes Repairing industrial floors that are under heavy load Filling the space between concrete and metal shell in retrofit works Grouting under the rails that are under high and dynamic load Installation of metal structures and equipment that need to be used quickly Filling the plates of machines that have dynamic (vibration) loads Brokerage of armatureS


Physical and chemical state:


Amount and method of consumption:


Calculating the volume of the section and taking into account the specific weight of the material, the amount of consumption can be determined. Surface preparation: Before grouting, the concrete sections must be cured for at least 28 days, the moisture in the concrete should be less than 4%. All surfaces should be cleaned of all pollution, grease, mold and curing oil and loose particles. Loose particles should be removed by mechanical means. Roughing the sections under implementation with a suitable mechanical method leads to an increase and improvement of adhesion. It should not be done at a temperature lower than 5 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity above 70%. Method of Use: Mix the two components A and B for 1 minute with an electric mixer (drill + vane) at a maximum speed of 400 rpm. Then add component C slowly (in order to avoid excess air) to the mixture for 1 minute and continue the mixing process for another 2 minutes. Grouting should be done immediately after complete mixing in less than 15 minutes. Grouting should be carried out at a suitable height and the possibility of air exit should be provided in the grouting place. If the height is more than 100mm, perform the grouting operation in several steps according to the table below. The drying time depends on the thickness of the grout.


Note: consumption less and more than the permitted range of this additive or the simultaneous consumption of multiple concrete additives must be done with the permission of the experts of the technical department of Granabtan Chemical Industries Company.


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