Curing GB_Q30

Curing GB_Q30

Properties and effects:


_No need to sprinkle water and keep the concrete moist and keep the water in the concrete more than 40% Eliminating cracking and peeling of concrete and lack of reactivity with cement and destruction of cement _Maintaining the necessary humidity and heat for the continuation of hydration _Without negative effect on the color and surface of concrete and preventing rapid evaporation of concrete water Creating a thin layer on concrete and the ability to paint concrete without peeling _ The reflex resulting from this coating makes the temperature of the surface of the concrete impregnated with these materials protected against the heat caused by the sun’s radiation, which minimizes the possibility of surface cracks in the concrete.


Powerful protection to prevent concrete water evaporation



One of the most important factors in creating the desired final strength in concrete is proper maintenance and maintaining its moisture after concreting is finished. Therefore, curing prevents the escape and evaporation of water on the concrete surface by creating a thin film on the concrete and reflecting a large part of the sunlight. Curing G.B_Q30 forms an impermeable layer after being applied on fresh concrete surfaces in a short period of time, and as a result of this process, the water contained in the concrete is trapped and the internal humidity of the concrete and capillary tubes is maintained at a high and optimal level. This eliminates the need for curing by moisturizing method and the hydration process will be done well. This product meets the standards of this additiveIt conforms to ASTM C309, ASTM C171, and ASTM C156. M C309ASTM C309 وASTM C171 و ASTM C156


 Physical and chemical state:




-Concreting on a wide area, including open water channels, airport runways, bridge decks and concreting in areas that are exposed to strong sunlight. – Pouring concrete in windy areas – Places that have restrictions on keeping concrete wet – Can be used on all concrete surfaces, including new internal and external concrete such as channels, concrete floors, parking lots, factories, bridges, and airports.



The amount of curing varies depending on the environment and surface conditions, but on average, each liter of curing, after diluting with one liter of water, covers a surface of about 4 to 5 square meters (the exact amount of use is determined based on workshop tests)


Method of Use:


Curing should be done immediately after opening the concrete mold, in hot and dry environments where concrete loses its water quickly or there is a delay in the implementation, the concrete should be watered first and then curing should be applied on the surface, before Mix well for homogenization. If there is a need to perform thicker curing, it must be performed in the first stage and only in one stage with high thickness. Do not use curing at a temperature below 5 degrees Celsius. Applicable by air spray and brush, it is necessary to apply a continuous layer to obtain the highest efficiency. Make sure that the curing is not performed during the draining. If there is a mold, curing can be performed immediately after removing the mold and when the internal moisture of the concrete is still preserved. Consumables should be cleaned with solvent after use



Keep the curing in the original packaging and in the temperature range of +5 to +45 degrees Celsius. In the above conditions, this product can be stored for 24 months.


packaging method:


Curing is available in 25 and 200 kg gallons


Safety items:


It contains petroleum solvents, and in case of splashing in the eyes, immediately wash the eyes with plenty of water and consult a doctor immediately. Note: The use of less and more than the permitted range of this additive or the simultaneous use of multiple concrete additives must be done with the permission of the experts of the technical department of Granabtan Chemical Industries Company.




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