Concrete lubricants are substances that are used to improve the performance of fresh concrete. In other words, an additive that reduces the amount of water in the concrete mix without changing the fluidity, or increases slump and fluidity without changing the amount of water, or creates both effects simultaneously.

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Concrete structure and brief explanation

Concrete is the most widely produced industrial material in the world, which has various types.

Chemical composition of lubricants:

The main compounds used in the production of concrete softener can be divided into the following categories:

Super lubricant:
This category of concrete lubricants has a maximum water reduction power of 25% in the best conditions and is usually limited to 18-20%. However, the minimum water reduction power in them for the amount of recommended material should not be less than 12%. These materials were used in the 70s.
important things
- Lubricants are compatible with most cements are used - The effects caused by each additive depend on It has its consumption amount and its nature. - Lubricants usually amount to 0.1 to 0.4 The weight percentage of cement is used.